Friday, April 4, 2014

Trip to MOMI - Leticia Infante

It was sincerely refreshing to do something outside of the classroom by visiting The Museum of the Moving Image. I had never been to Astoria, first of all, and I thought it was a beautiful neighborhood with an immense amount of history. As for the museum, I felt rather frustrated with our tour guide. Although she was extremely kind and informative, I noticed that she would dumb many things down. If I were in elementary school, it would have been appropriate, but we were all young adults, going to a University, working on our Media/Film degrees. It was unsettling to see the tour guide ask questions with obvious answers and have the entire group in silence. However, I did appreciate looking at everything on my own and being so close to props and costumes that have been included in the films that were directed by my idols. I remember the first time I watched the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick and noticing how realistic the ape costumes were and there it was, a mask from the film. I mostly enjoyed the exhibition by Jim Campbell. It was clever, surreal, and whimsical. I love it when artists try to mess with one’s perception, and I feel that Jim Campbell executed just that. I believe it was my favorite part of the entire trip, along with the GIFs that were projected on the wall near the entrance, which made me laugh. I plan on revisiting the museum, soon, and take my time to soak everything in.

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