Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Soundwalk_Jessica Granato

On my “soundwalk” in Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Bushwick, walking from my apartment to a friend’s place much further away, I experienced many sounds. It was a sunny, some-what warm day, a perfect day for this sound experiment. As I walk out of the door and onto the somewhat busy street , Bogart st. The door slams behind me. I walk onto Bogart St., and the neighborhood homeless guy begs for change, saying “Do ya have any change?”, in his muffled, almost indistinguishable voice- a “soundmark” to any local. Continuing on the walk, I pass a truck depot, where there are loud beeps of a truck backing up into the lot. There were also 2 trucks pulling out of the depot, one behind the other, as their exhaust breathed loudly as they trail off. I keep walking, as pass a lot of people, catching only middles or ends of conversations as we pass each other, leaving not enough time to not know what they were talking about. I pass by a black car, honking in front of a big loft building. The birds must also be equally excited about this unforeseen weather because they chirping incessantly throughout the walk. I turn down a quiet street, where for a moment it appears to be just me and the birds. I’m wearing my new shoes with the wooden soles, and they make a very loud ‘click, click’ as I walk. A car pulls out of a driveway at a house (in Bushwick!?), and the gravel and broken glass crunch as the rubber tires veer backwards. - Jessica Granato

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