Thursday, April 3, 2014

Momi Assignment - Eduardo Barrera

I had never been to the museum of the moving image, but have heard of it. I was excited about finally visiting. The station that I found most intriguing was the television control room demo they had of a "live" baseball game. It took us behind the scenes of a live tv production. It was a multitude of screens with different camera angles and shots. There were at least 10 different screens. The tour guide explained the process, where the director has the job of picking and choosing the shots to be shown live while also paying attention to the game and making sure everything runs smoothly. There are numbers assigned to the different screens/shots and the director, Bill Webb, is constantly calling out numbers to switch shots to. Those shots get broadcast and is what the audience sees. Another cool part of the museum was the voice over mini-studio. Here, two volunteers dubbed over Jack Black's lines in School of Rock. The tour guide mentioned that actors often have to do this for every line in the movie to make sure everything sounds correct. The actor first gets a practice run and then has to recite the lines in sync with the lip movements in the movie. I can imagine that the actor must get bored by doing this several times to get it right. We don't see this as it's post production material and we only see the end result. The museum was really interesting and entertaining. I will definitely be checking out future exhibitions.

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