Thursday, April 10, 2014

Museum of Moving Image-Stevie Borrello

The trip to the Museum of Moving Image was very informative and in an interactive way that made it relatable and enjoyable to learn about, especially as a media student. It was interesting to see how much time and dedication goes into each step of a film, and that each piece is just as important as the other.

But the one demo that really impressed me was the one on sound. It was a scene from the Titanic and at first the tour guide only played the voice-over sound portion for the scene. There was no feeling of emotion and it felt very fabricated during the clip. Then he added another sound portion, and then another, and in total he might have added about five or six different sound tracks. It showed me how much time and effort has to be put into such a small scene with the sound to set the right tone and mood to the scene. Without that perfect sound the scene can so easily lose its reality aspect and it becomes less believable and entertaining.

It’s also crazy to think how much of those sounds are created in post-production, so it makes one appreciate the actors’ believability for the scene and to be able to convey those feelings and emotions on screen. The technology continues to advance for sound, and creating easier ways to generate real sounds for films, but it still goes back to basics and each sound still has to fit perfectly into the scene.

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