Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sound Walk - Eduardo Barrera

I decided to do my soundwalk project in Hunter's neighborhood. I walked for about 10-12 block down Lexington.

When I walked out of Hunter, the first thing I immediately heard was the generator of the food truck right outside Hunter. I usually pay it no mind, but now that I was focused on sounds around me, it was really loud. Walking down Lexington there was a lot of cigarette smoke, although it isn't sound I thought it is noteworthy. There was constant noise of the cars passing by, specially from the large trucks that made more noise. Initially when I went out, I expected to hear birds chirping but the first chirps I heard didn't come in until 5 minutes into my walk. I kept walking down Lexington and heard wood cracking and breaking. It was coming from a garbage truck that was collecting the wood for disposal. Right after, I heard and felt the train pass by underneath me. Walking towards 59th, the streets started getting louder with people's conversations. There were many conversations going on at once, making it a loud incomprehensible area of noise. When you really focus on the sounds, you get to hear more than you usually would. The footsteps of people becomes more clear, the conversations might be interesting and there is always something to get distracted by.

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