Friday, April 11, 2014

MOMI Visit

How lucky are we to live in a place with access to such incredible resources as Museum of the Moving Image. It is one thing to learn in a classroom but to see firsthand the methods and practices of the creators of such famous work as Titanic, is inspiring. MOMI tucked away in a quiet neighborhood
in Queens is a gem for anyone who is studying Media or enjoys learning about the motion picture industry. It was great to see the beginning stages of special affects makeup, the head of Chewbacca and the legs from the accident scene in black swan. However, I really enjoyed see the historical examples of just how far the moving image has come from the thaumatrope to the zoetrope and of course the first “film” the great train robbery. It was awesome to see the use of color in this piece. Because they were hand painted pieces of film its interesting to see how the color transfers. Seeing the different sound elements using Titanic as an example was pretty awesome; learning the animal sound affects make up a large part of the noise we expect in a movie is cool piece or trivia. Furthermore, the example of the director in the control room was pretty awesome as well. This provided insight into a very relevant part of our delay lives as we watch sporting events regularly and never fully understand how they get from the camera to our television screens. I would love to go back and further explore what MOMI has to offer

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