Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blog 3

Our class trip visiting the Museum of the Moving Image was actually my first visit ever. I really enjoyed the museum. I found it unpretentious compared to other museums in the City that can feel a little stuffy. It also wasn’t crowded which was nice because so many museums in Manhattan tend to be over crowded and are hard to enjoy. I did not know anything about the museum prior to my visit so I just kind of expected it to be just about the history of film and photo. I thought the museum had an interesting collection of moving images and technology. I was surprised that they had a section for old school video games. It was interesting to see al though I’m not interested in video games. The museum also had a variety of other things to see that I did not expect such as costumes, headpieces, cameras, etc etc. The architectural drawings for “Silence of the Lambs” were really cool to see upfront. I found that the museum was really interactive and hands on with a lot of interactive experiences such as the voice dub both or that computer where you can edit stop motion edits or you can add your own sound effects to a movie scene. I also kind of liked that the museum wasn’t that big because sometimes I can find that to be too overwhelming and I tend to loose my interest/attention fast. I overall thought the museum was really comprehensive and interesting. It is cool to look at artifacts up close from films we have learned about.

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