Friday, April 25, 2014

Hunter Stone - MOMI Trip

Before I went on the MOMI field trip, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been there before. My first impression was that I thought it was cool that it was located right across from the famous Kauffman Studios building. Secondly, I liked the wide range of exhibits they had - there was something for everyone.

One of my favorite exhibit was the hands/grenades sculpture. It very well illustrated the way motion can be perceived where there's no actual motion. But more importantly, it was just super cool visually. The dark room with the strobe light was an interesting atmosphere to be in, and added to the eerie feeling the sculpture's imagery evoked.

I also really enjoyed the exhibit that showed how sound effects are made. I thought it was really interesting how  many of the sounds we hear have nothing to do with the actual sound that's trying to be imitated . The idea of using gunshots for the snapping wires in Titanic to add drama was so clever. It gave me a new appreciation for those who create sound effects - a job most people forget about when discussing the art of filmmaking.

The last exhibit I'll talk about is the set design exhibit. Maybe it's just because I love miniature things, but the tiny set models were awesome. Not only does the detail need to be there, but everything has to be accurately placed and measured as well. I had no idea that the models had to be THAT detailed. And I had forgotten just how much labor goes into preproduction so it was a good reminder of that fact.  I imagine creating those models is tedious and not anything I would ever want to do, but I really appreciated the final product.

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